Pollard Media is more than just a marketing agency...

"Born from the passion to help others build a better tomorrow."

We love helping small businesses and individuals thrive in whatever their passion is. We started off assisting a couple of local startups in Norfolk with their very first websites and social media profiles to gain awareness of their brands.

A prime example of this is our first ever client 'FredBear'.

FredBear was created out of a passion to make beautiful handmade bears out of clothes of sentimental value.

Together with FredBears owner, we built their online reach from the ground up into a thriving online retailer of handmade sentiments.

To this day we're still in strong partnership with FredBear and currently in the process of creating a brand new shiny site for them.

We can't wait to see what they do next!

We're all about building YOUR better tomorrow.

You may be a brand new glistening start-up waiting to make your first sale or you may even be a well established business wanting to expand your online presence...

Whatever your current situation we're ready and waiting to see what we can do to make your future brighter.

Our dedication is to drive your passion forward whatever it takes. We will always listen to your needs to ensure that every part of the journey we take together is successful.

If you want to build a better tomorrow for you and your business then simply reach out to us.

Let's grab a coffee and discuss how we can help you - we can't wait to hear from you!